How to Start Hair weave Extensions Business

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1.Those are all good questions. FIRST and for most you need to educate yourself on the different types of hair and what texture suits what race or in better terms “hair type“, because when selling hair you will get all types of people. Those who have been wearing virgin hair for years upon years and those who are new and probably want to ask you every question under the sun because they want you to ensure them that they are not wasting their money.

2.Write your business plan down!! expectations you want to meet. expenses…shipping,packaging,if you want to offer services such as dying hair for customer or sealing hair weft for them etc. How much you will have to invest before you see any money. How much you’d like to make per week…month… how much you want to sell the hair for?? etc

3. After you have reassured yourself you know enough to get yourself started next is finding a good wholesale hair supplier!! Do your research!! There are TONS and TONS of ppl offering what you are looking for. You will need a lot of money to sample different suppliers to see what you feel most comfortable with selling. Do your own “quality” test. If it passes then sell it. You don’t want to be selling hair that you didn’t know wasn’t good because you didn’t test it.


4.You have knowledge and product now you need clientele. Start putting a buzz in peoples ears. Maybe even before you find a supplier so they know you will be coming out with something soon. No clientele means no money. So you need to know who you’re targeting. Caucasian,spanish, african american… EVERYONE…. Don’t get ahead of yourself though. Start small(2kilo-3kilo of hair) and as you grow more business and make more money you can offer different types of hair.

5. After you have begun set a date to re-evaluate and see what improvements may need to be made if any.



How to Find Good Hair Extensions Supplier

Are you looking for good hair extension or boutique, salon looking for hair extension supplier to continue your business? You should know what your client is looking for? Then on your request, Rebehair’s leading manufacturer of custom hair extension is going to guide you, in which manner you can go for the best hair extension supplier and stop being cheated by the one who does not worth your money.
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In both the case whether you are buying hair extension for yourself or for professional use, you have to think in two different manners. When you are going to buy hair extension for your personal use then you have to think that, are you looking hair of same texture or of different style which could go universal on any hair style? For all these cases rebehair could prove to be a more fruitful option which could provide a huge range of extension that could well go with your hair texture.

There are few ways by which you could choose hair extension supplier for your personal and professional use:

First, important point is to know which type of hair you really want. Do you know the quality of the hair you want to buy from your supplier?

To get the better understanding of the hair you are looking for you need the better understanding of types of hair extension and its quality to do better negotiation of the price from the supplier,

Different Types of Human Hair and its shape

European Hair- Oval and relatively thin

Asian Hair- Round and least expensive human hair.

African Hair- Flattened-Best hair types available for use in human hair extension and expensive

Synthetic Hair

  • It is man-made hair and it is quite different from human here hence mostly does not blend with the human hair. It sometimes mixed with human hair. They are most inexpensive hair.
  • The maintenance of synthetic hair is quite different from the human hair
  • Silicon layer coated on the cuticle of synthetic hair get removed after the washing

A good hair extension supplier understands your requirement and guides you according to the need of your clients. It’s really important to know your market.

If your clients can not afford expensive hair or unable to pay the price of human hair extension then you can opt for inexpensive synthetic hair or Chinese hair.

If you have a strong market and your clients’ wants good quality hair extension with no price limit then Africans Hair is the top most solution. It directly depends upon supply and demand

Thus, at the end hope, you must be convinced with the Rebehair as all these features that are mention above are adequately followed by the extension strands. So, let’s not wasting time in further searches for the perfect for upcoming parties.

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