Wigs vs. Weaves: Which Extensions Are Best For You

wigs or weave

Rebehair | If you’re the type of girl who can’t be bothered with doing your own hair on a day to day basis, extensions are a great option. Whether you need a seasonal protective style to give your hair a break, or you’re looking for something deluxe for a special occasion like a summer wedding or a graduation, extensions can pretty much help you achieve any look you want. As a quick reference, here are some benefits and drawbacks for both extension types

WEAVES: Benefits

Less hair manipulation of your natural hair
Style can last for 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance
More permanent and secure

WEAVES: Drawbacks

Harder to maintain your own hair underneath
Less style options as it’s a permanent (6 week) look
More expensive

VERDICT: Weaves are best for women who want a protective style that they don’t have to manipulate at all. Once it’s in, it’s in and with proper care, it will stay for almost 2 months. Keep in mind though, that you have a harder challenge with maintaining your scalp and your natural hair underneath since it is so permanent.

BEST FOR: seasonal hair changes, long term protective styling, giving natural hair a break

WIGS: Benefits

rebehair jewish wigsInfinite style options and looks
Lower price than getting a weave installed
You can maintain your natural hair underneath and allow your scalp to breathe

WIGS: Drawbacks

You have to re-install it daily
It’s not as secure because it isn’t sewn on

VERDICT:  Wigs are great if you like to switch up your look OFTEN. They are inexpensive, they can be easily blended with your own hair if you find one that matches your hair well (or get one custom made) and they allow you to maintain your natural hair because you can take them on and off at any time.

BEST FOR: special occasions, trying out a new look before doing it permanently, hair chameleons who like to switch their looks up from week to week

So which extension style is best for you? Assess what you want out of your hairstyle and use this as a guide to determine what will work.



How to Select Perfect Hair Extensions for your Face Shape

wigs with different faces

We’ve talked much about the importance of hair texture when trying to decide what hairstyle best fits you. Now, it’s time to see which are the best hair extensions by face shape, so you look gorgeous from day to night!

Determine your Face Shape

There are both flattering and unflattering styles for every face shape. Then, consider the texture of your hair and pick a cut that works best for it. Here’s an easy face shape test to find out what your face shape is!

Heart-Shaped Face

The ideal virgin Indian Remy hair extensions for heart-shaped face girls should avoid covering the angles of the face and be short. A pixie cut, wispy fringes, short shags, and chin-length hair will work miracles on you. A short, sexy bob will do, too.

Short hair gives you a feminine touch and soften your edgy lines. And, don’t forget to layer it. Layering enhances almost all hairstyles.

Oval Shape

oval face weave modelWomen with oval face shape are among the lucky ones because they can look great in almost any haircut and style, due to the symmetry of the parts of the face. This means that their chin area, mid-face, and forehead are of equal proportions (same sizes).

That said, Remy hair extensions with heavy cuts or fringes should best be avoided. Also, remember not to wear curls along your face because they’ll change that symmetry. However, you can choose to wear the simple straight style or layered hair with bangs or even light curls!

Square-Shaped Face

Beloved Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz both have square-shaped faces. So, having a look at how they style their hair from time to time can give you valuable hints, considering that both celebs look fantastic throughout the years.

In general, round faces with Remy hair extensions that add volume, especially to the crown area, look staggering. But, the secret to sporting a killer look is to add curves to your face so that it looks rounder. Therefore, hair extensions with light waves and curls will effectively smoothen your face’s angles and glam up your look. Having said that, shoulder-length hairstyles and long tresses also go well with square faces.

Round-Shaped Face

Usually, cuts that create an illusion of height, as well as fringes are best for round-shaped faces and create flattering angles. In this case, the hair extensions you choose should be longer than chin length. Otherwise, they will add more volume to all the wrong places and make your face look fatter and puffy. For more hairstyles for round-shaped faces, check out our next blog!

Choosing the right Remy hair extensions for your face shape is not such a big deal after all, right? You just need to know your face shape and then go through possible hairstyles that will look more flattering on you. However, if you still have questions or concerns, your personal hair stylist can surely help you decide on what’s best for you. Once you have determined that, the hair extensions you’ll choose can only highlight the most beautiful you!